Skillshare website is a great way of learning and enhancing skills. This website helps a student and provides a lot of great classes from experts. It is really worth time and Money. However, It is not for everyone. The best thing about this website is that even Teachers around the world can join and also earn good money. I will describe key features, methods to access this website so, If you want to get skillshare and learn skills from experts then keep reading. You don’t need to worry if you are from Nepal/India/Bangladesh/Pakistan or anywhere in the world & even if you don’t have MasterCard/ Credit card. I will help you out by providing all the resources to get your own account. Hopefully, by the end of the blog, you will know for sure if Skillshare is good for you or not and also get your own Skillshare premium account for free.

What is Skillshare?

If you are new to Skillshare, Then let me explain to you really quick. Skillshare is an online learning community with 28000+ of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including music, illustrationdesignphotographyvideofreelancing, and more. On Skillshare, millions of members come together to find inspiration and take the next step in their creative journey. It was Launched in 2012 with only 25 Courses at a time but now it has thousands of classes in different niches. Skillshare is one of the best learning platforms for people who want to learn a new skill or expand existing skills. It provides unlimited access to a monthly subscription fee.

Why have a Skillshare?

I believe this is the future of education because with its live classes, Workshops, offline classes are so engaging and informative and it’s way better than the traditional education system. As of March 2020, Skillshare has now over 28,000 plus courses. It has divided their classes into 4 categories: Creative, Technology, Business, and Lifestyle. It provides you with unlimited opportunities and that there are a lot of high-quality classes from superstar teachers and awesome content. I have personally learned a lot of business skills which really helped me to apply in real situations. Skillshare does not only teach but also deliver quality information and make sure they complete practical assignments.

Advantages of Skillshare?

Skillshare is all about achieving practical knowledge, learning, and expanding your skills. These classes are great for your career. Let me give you some points,

-There are more than 2,000 free classes available. To browse the free classes of skillshare Just Click Here

-If you are a premium member then you can access 28000+ courses and to get premium just keep reading the article.

-There are usually high-quality engaging classes because there are paying teachers themselves.

-You can follow the groups, participate in discussions, ask questions, post your projects, share different ideas and experiences.

-After you create a project during one of your Skillshare classes, you will receive a URL that can be showcased in your resume, portfolio, or elsewhere

-Skillshare classes are half an hour or hour-long so it won’t make you feel boor.

-Skillshare has also introduced Skillshare Live Section in 2020 Spring to connect with open-minded and learn. If you want to join just Click Here but you need to understand that it’s only for premium members and space is limited. So don’t forget to check the upcoming schedule.

-Skillshare Live Section is limited to 300 People and is hosted on the platform.

-Skillshare also offers a great variety of workshops that often last for a few weeks, and they are perfect for those interested in a more intense learning experience and these Workshops are usually run by the Top Skillshare Teachers.

-You can watch the courses as per your ease in Desktop/Laptop/Mobile

Do we really get Skillshare for free or we need to pay the cost?

Skillshare provides the endless opportunity of learning from thousands of teachers all over the world. The monthly package costs $15 per month, while the annual plan is $8.25 per month or $99 per year. You can learn how to start your own business, become a freelancer or an entrepreneur. There are courses that can teach you how to build a website, become a successful blogger or a photographer, start your own YouTube channel, or sell things on the Internet. Plus, you can take art or cooking classes, and even learn how to speak foreign languages. Yes, you can get a skillshare premium for free and I will show you how to get everything step by step. I have also added a Live video demonstration at the bottom of this article for more help.

How can we get a skillshare premium Account for free Lifetime?

Right now, Skillshare offers a special deal for new members. If you sign up for a free trial, you can use the service for 60 days for free but you need a credit card. Don’t worry I will help you get access to the trail for free. All you need to follow the steps. I have added a few credit card details which you can use to bypass trail and get your 60 days premium account. So let’s get started,

Steps to follow:

1) Click here to Create a Hotmail account and fill all the details carefully.

2) To Redeem Skillshare for Two months free Click Here.

3) Click on Click here to redeem

4) Click on Signup with email

4) Enter your details like your Email Address, First & Last Name to complete the registration Process & click Signup.

5) You need to fill a credit card detail and click on Start your Free 2 Month.

To download Credit card detail Click here

6) Congratulation, Its done. To check Subscription just go to Account setting – Payments

Account created on August-12-2020

7) You will also receive an email confirmation email from Skillshare account activated successfully for 2 months.

7) Congratulations you have an Access to unlimited Skillshare Professional Training Courses free of cost for complete 2 month.

After 2 months of trials, Re-Create a new Hotmail Account and use my given Link to re-create a new Skillshare Account 

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I will see you in the next blog.

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