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It’s not that simple to make International Payment Solution for Nepal but today in this blog I will show the simplest method. For Nepal, With Proof. There was a simple process to order Payoneer Master or buy other master cards online but to load balance is difficult. First, You need to pay a huge amount and go through a broker to buy online and again to load fund. Even there is no grantee till how much time the card will be valid.

After reading this blog, you will not just able to load fund to PayPal, Payoneer, Paytm, skrill directly from Esewa, Connect IPS, Online banking or SCT Card but also you will able to withdraw from them.

You will be able to make International transaction online safely and easily, Receive/transfer funds from anywhere in the world.

have added a live video demonstration at the bottom & Screenshot proof of payment in this blog for more help.

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Steps to follow:

  1. First, you need to create an account in UnelmaPay This website will help you to make international Payment and its totally Legal and Secure. With UnelmaPay Payment Gateway Services, you get everything you need for global expansion. Not only support for 100+ trusted payment methods but the level of care

Note: Make sure you use fill details carefully i.e followed by your National id/Passport so you won’t have any issue on verification.

(For Developers– You can also Integrate the payment gateway of your website to receive payments using their driver API or built-in plugins and personalize your checkout page design)

2. Once registration is completed, the next step is verification. Make sure you have completed email verification. you will not be able to make any international payments or International Payment Solution until your Standard verification is completed.

3. To get verified, Go to Account setting  – Verification and Upload you passport/ National ID. Once the upload is completed, they may take up to 3-5 days. You will also receive a verification call from Unelma Pay. Once they verify from the call, they will activate your account.

International Payment Solution For Nepal | With Proof
After your extended & Standard verification is completed
(All load /withdraw methods will be activated)

Make an international payment :

  1. To load fund directly from your bank account, Click on Load Fund on the top right corner and choose your deposit method. I would suggest you fonepay/Esewa as a Deposit method. After confirm, You have to scan Barcode and pay. (While paying through Esewa make sure you give you full name & purchase information in the notice)
International Payment Solution

After the process will go to verification, it may take a few minutes and amount will be loaded to your Unelma Pay Wallet.

International Payment Solution For Nepal | With Proof
Payment proof

2. Once you successfully load fund to your Unelma Pay Wallet, You need to covert NRP the amount to Dollar because Paypal/Skrill/Payoneer only accepts the currency. To covert the amount,

Go to Home  – Currency exchange, choose your Amount to exchange and USD as Currency. then, click on check Calculation.

International Payment Solution For Nepal | With Proof
For example, If want to convert 400 NRP to USD

After clicking you will get, Currency exchange request confirmation. Here you will get all the required information about exchange rates. Then you need to click Confirm.

International Payment Solution For Nepal | With Proof
Currency exchange proof

Congratulation, Your amount is Covered. Now you can transfer to your PayPal account.

3. After the conversation, Now just go to Home  – Withdraw, Select Paypal/Skrill or any method, choose the amount and click on Send money.


Make sure to choose the currency in USD amount. You can check you USD amount from Available balance box(Click on left top arrow).

Please make sure you calculate all the tax and ensure the amount. Minimum amount to send/receive is 15 USD for Paypal, 25 USD for others. You may not able to send amount if you don’t meet minimum requirements.

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In the next blog, I will demonstrate to you how to /Where to buy MasterCard that will be valid for years and you will able to connect with your Paypal account or make any online Transaction.

If you are facing any issues, please send me an email at krishakverma33@gmail.com and I will try to revert as soon as possible. I will see you in the next blog.

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